So I thought I might share with all of you the FASTEST, EASIEST, SAFEST, and LEAST TEAR JERKY-IST way to cut an onion. 
1.  Start with a super sharp knife. Cut one of the butt ends off of the onion.
2.  Chop the onion in half and peel away the outer skin on both sides.
3.  Lay the half flat on your cutting board and cut 2-3 cuts length wise NOT GOING ALL THE WAY TO THE BUTT.
4. Cut 7-8 slices all the way to the bottom of the onion across the top, but again not all of the way to the butt. 
5. Chop the onion!  Discard the butt or salvage the remaining onion. 
Pretty easy right? Bet you barely cried at all? Maybe? YOU'RE NOW AN ONION NINJA!   Practice makes perfect. 

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